The Truth About Petite Sizing

If you think being petite just means standing 5'4" tall or under or wearing a size 2, then think again. The truth is, petite is a proportion and not just a size. You could be 5'8" and still wear a petite size if you have a shorter torso or shorter leg length. 

If you are taller than the 'standard' petite height, you may still wear petite tops, petite jackets, petite dresses or petite bottoms if your shirt sleeves are too long, the hemline of your tops or dresses are too long, your cropped pants come to your ankle or your bra shows in your armhole opening. 

Designing clothes for petite women involves crafting patterns from scratch to ensure proper proportions and silhouettes that flatter a petite figure.  Many retailers claim to offer 'petites' but they are simply shrunk down versions of a regular size into an XXS or have a shorter hem.  It means creating clothes with an aesthetic for a petite frame. The sleeve length, where the waist hits, where the opening of the armhole hits, where the darts hit, where the knee breaks, the length of the rise, or length of the hem must all be measured and cut differently for a petite size. It's not just about scaling down a 'standard' size.     

Amy Sport collections are created from scratch to ensure a proper fit for petite women of all shapes and sizes.  Our sizing ranges from XXS-P to XL-P, offering styles that flatter all petite body types.  No more tailoring - Amy Sport is just the right fit!

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