Meet Brooke Allen: An Inspiring Active Petite

Brooke Allen, who stands at 5’4”, participates in cross training, running, rock climbing, bouldering, marathons, weight-training, and is the mother of two children.

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We met Brooke through a mutual friend and she chatted with us about her active, busy lifestyle and finding clothes that fit. Like so many active petite women, Brooke had trouble finding workout wear that suited her frame and could stand up to her rigorous workouts. As you will see, she has no time to get her activewear altered, and hemming alone is never enough to get the right fit. (Pockets at your hemline anyone?)

We asked her to try out the Spitfire Petite, Inc. high-performance line of Amy Sport activewear and let us know the results.


Brooke hit the gym, the rock wall, the track, the streets, and the carpool lineup and put our Mesh Lace Combo Tee, Amy Signature Racerback Tank, and Core Performance Petite Cropped Leggings to the test. We’re thrilled to say Brooke reported back that the apparel worked as hard as she does.

Brooke, what did you think about the fit of our activewear?

“To me, the most important part of my workout wear are the leggings – and it is so hard to find some that fit.

These leggings fit perfectly. The waist is in the right place, they stayed in place, there was no sagging, and the seams around the knee were in the right place too with no uncomfortable seams crossing in the wrong places. 

“I also loved the racerback tank. I had not found one before that stayed in place and did not ride up. I have worn this top now for a wide variety of activities, including rock climbing, bouldering, and running, and it never shifted.   

“The Mesh Lace Combo Tee is one of my favorites pieces of workout attire! It is so diverse, functional and stylish. I have worn it with a tank underneath with skinny jeans and flip flops, as a cover up over my bikini top and before a run over the Amy Signature Racerback tank and Core Performance Petite Cropped Leggings. It's the perfect piece whether you're working out or headed out to lunch with friends. Although I am typically an XS, I have the small and it fits perfect. Gives me the look that I want.”

Inspired by all that Brooke does and her effortless style, we asked her a few more questions to learn more about how she stays motivated, given all that she has on her plate. Here are a few insights into this remarkable woman.


Brooke, how do you stay motivated when it comes to your physical fitness?

I like how being active and fit makes me feel. I’ve been active since I was a kid. When I was 16 I developed Type 1 diabetes. Staying active keeps my blood sugars in check and I believe it is also important to set an example for my kids.”

Growing up, was your family active?

“Yes - I’ve been involved in athletics my whole life. As a child, my sisters and I were always outside playing: climbing trees, teaching myself gymnastics, riding our bikes. My mom was an avid long distance runner and did several marathons. At age 9 I told my mom I wanted to do a long run with her. I ran 4 miles that day, a short run for her. I don’t remember how fast we ran, but I remember the fulfillment I felt after I finished the run with my mom that day.  

“Being active is my stress reliever as an adult.  Mind, Body and Soul. It makes me feel good even if I only have time for a 15-minute workout.”

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Clearly, you have an active family life now. What activities do you all enjoy?

“Our family is active. My husband was extremely active growing up - he played sports in school and excelled in everything he did. It was a no brainer that our kids were going to have a love of sports and stay active too. Our kids were immersed in it from the beginning. I always took them on runs in my jog stroller. My oldest, Harper, has been to both of my marathons cheering me on. We lived on a lake for 14 years. That was a totally different lifestyle. Everyone is always out and active on the water. Being young, our kids want to try everything. We always wanted them to try whatever they are interested in, but realistically there are only so many hours in a day, days in a week, etc.

“Harper (11) is on a rock climbing team, middle school softball team and does gymnastics twice a week to stay conditioned. She was a level 7 gymnast when she decided to stop competing and do rock climbing full time. She also runs track and will try out for the middle school team this spring. 

“Becks (7) is on a tackle football team, gymnastics team, and is trying out for the rock climbing team as well. In the spring, he plays baseball. Both kids love to skateboard, snow ski and snowboard. They are definitely active! If it’s a rainy day over a weekend, I think it’s cute, because the kids will go in our basement, where I have my workout equipment and do their own workouts with each other. They then come upstairs and my daughter will show my son how to make a healthy smoothie with protein. I love it! Being supportive of what they are each passionate about is top priority for my husband and me.”

With such a busy family, how do you manage to fit in your workouts?

“Balancing my workouts with my schedule and my kids school and sports schedules is always tricky. Some weeks I have really work to squeeze them in. When they are at they’re sports practices, I can get a crossfit workout in or a run. If my daughter is rock climbing I’ll try to do that with her. Working out is like anything else, you must make time for it.”

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Anything left on your bucket list?

“I just turned 45 and have a lot of things on my bucket list that I want to try. For example, American Ninja Warrior. I want to run one more marathon that’s a Boston qualifier and then run a Boston Marathon. I wouldn’t mind taking a stab at a 1/2 Iron Man either or some type of Spartan competition with friends.”

Brooke Allen is a magnificent example of #PetitePower! She rocks everything she does… as a wife, mother, and fitness enthusiast. Now, with Amy Sport by Spitfire Petite. Inc., she has activewear that is as high-performance and as amazing-looking as she is.


  • So proud to be her mom. She should be on a cover of a Sports Mag. And show the world that’s it’s possible to be healthy when u have diabetes!! She’s a Rock Star!!!?

    Pat Gray
  • How do I purchase the items I’ve chosen?

    Kathryn Kubota

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