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I love the tennis skirt and top, I get so many compliments and people always ask, “who makes that?!”...Nancy Fisher Ambrose

At Spitfire Petite, we’re inspired every day by our clients like Nancy Fisher Ambrose. So we asked her a little bit about her very active lifestyle and what she loves about our petite activewear. Nancy is 5’4”, she’s a mom, a tennis player, philanthropist, attorney, pilot and all around wonderful gal.

 You are so fit – what kind of physical activities do you participate in?

I LOVE tennis! I play tennis a few times each week. I also use my elliptical almost every day and love barre classes. I do about four barre classes each week. I also enjoy yoga, hiking and skiing when I can. I just really like all kinds of exercise. 

 At 5’4” tall, is it challenging to find clothes that fit your petite stature?

 Finding a good fit in all clothing has been challenging.  I have always had to get most things altered. The length of pants has mostly been my issue. I also don’t like when tops or jackets are too long in the hem length, the sleeve, the waist and overall proportions.  

 In addition to your physical activities - what other things are you passionate about? 

 I’m passionate about my work with Operation Smile. Operation Smile brings free surgeries for cleft palates and cleft lips to children and adults in developing countries. I enjoy hosting two high school students on each medical mission I attend; they are trained to educate the patients and their families about dental care, water purification, hygiene, and nutrition. I have met so many wonderful people all over the world through Operation Smile. I still don’t skip my work outs and will get up at 5 am and get others to join me. Like a recent trip where I got others to join in to run the dark streets of Hue, Vietnam before we headed to the hospital. My workout clothes are my main travel staple. I wear them every day whether traveling for operation smile or at home.

What Spitfire pieces do you have – what do you like about them? 

I love the Spitfire Petite signature racerback tank tops. They are much nicer than any other work out clothes I’ve had. The fabric and fit are wonderful. They look like regular, great street clothes when paired with a cute skirt or pants. I also really like the Nancy tops, of course! I love the tennis skirt and top, I get so many compliments and people always ask, “who makes that?!” The Course to Cocktail dress is still my go-to dress. It’s just so easy to wear and looks great! I have so many pieces of Spitfire Petite at this point and get so many compliments on them! 

I’m looking forward to the summer to see what new styles they will have!


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