Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability

Responsible environmental stewardship is one of our most important brand pillars. As a startup company the place where Amy Sport has the biggest impact in this endeavor is in choosing our suppliers and partners. Our suppliers are known for their sustainable methods and products including methods to reduce consumption and minimize carbon footprint and products that are made from materials that are recovered, regenerated and transformed.
One of our made in the USA fabric supplier realizes sustainability not only through their fabric production methods but through reclamation of waste water, overhead lighting, natural gas powered equipment even employee ridesharing, back-office energy-consumption and paper-reduction policies.  
I believe that we in the golf industry have the opportunity to be leaders in these efforts whether in course construction and operations in things like turf grass v. artificial, golf merchandise manufacturing methods or other club and course activities. Every day we strive to be better conservationists and better corporate citizens in all we do in-house and with our supplier partners because we're not thinking about the earth we inherited but the one we will leave for our children. 
Our socially responsible factory in Colombia pays fair market wages, employs 85% women, and prioritizes single mother heads of households where single mothers are most vulnerable to poverty.

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