Enjoying Every Shot with PGA Pro and Model Kali Quick

Kali grew up in Nampa, Idaho enjoying the outdoors. She started playing golf at the age of 5 and began competing at an early age.

She had a successful junior golf career that provider her with a full-ride, division-one scholarship to Kansas State University.  While in college she earned her degree in broadcast journalism, but her passion for golf drove her career toward becoming a PGA Professional.

Kali has run golf at private clubs in Idaho, Wyoming and Montana for the past 15 years, being the first female Head Pro and Director of Golf in two of the three states. She currently works at Black Bull in Bozeman, Montana, offering her expertise in merchandising, tournaments, travel and instruction.

She is passionate about using her expertise to support the growth and learning of all who want to learn and become better golfers.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Kali to find out more about her and what drives her passion for golf, her entrepreneurial spirit, and helping others.

Q1. When/why did you start playing golf? 

At age 5 my dad started taking me to the golf course.  At age 6 I was playing 3-hole tournaments through the Idaho Junior Golf Association. From there I grew to love the game and kept getting better as a player.  I acquired multiple junior championships and State Am titles before choosing to play in college. 


Q2: What inspired you to start your company Golf On The Fly? 

Golf on The Fly is a company based on golf travel and inspirational experiences on and off the course.  People always remember great trips with lifelong friends. My goal is to connect those dots while also making golf more fun and enjoyable for any level of player.


Q3: As a woman golfer, what were some challenges you faced learning to play, personally and then professionally, and how did you overcome them? 

To this day, people cannot believe that I’m the only female at events, playing against the men.  For the life of my professional career, I’ve found super supportive male and female golf professionals that are always there to cheer me on.  Golf is the best game for all people.


Q4: Where do you find inspiration for your coaching business each season? 

I’m very passionate about sharing golf with others.  If I can help a beginner hit a great shot, or save a stroke or two on a positive handicap player, I’m motivated.  

For me, it’s about having fun and making people excited about their own golf journey.


Q5: What is your absolute favorite thing about golf? What's your favorite club? Why? 

My favorite thing about golf is that it is a game where I can go out solo and play extra shots, working on my game, or go out with a group rocking music and laughing the entire way around the course.   Both ways are super fulfilling.

My favorite club is my Driver.  Baby draws that set me up for potential birdies…make me smile.


Q6: If you could go back and tell yourself one thing before becoming a pro or starting your own business, what would it be? 

Golf is a lifer… You don’t have to win everything now.


Q7: What's your favorite thing to teach or best tip? 

Timing is critical.  Impact is only a fraction of a second.  I work backwards from contact and work to get the tempo that creates success. I also love teaching wedges.


Q8: How do you balance work and life

It’s always a battle to find balance or create balance. Music, exercise, and great meals help recharge my batteries.  I am a workaholic.  As long as I reward myself with girls’ trips or relaxation after long stretches of tournaments and days in the office, it seems to help everything flow positively.


Q9: Do you have a mantra that you could share with us? 

Golf has so many teaching moments.  Enjoy every shot.


Q10: What else would you like to share about yourself? And what's new/next for Kali? 

As a golf professional and model, I couldn’t be more exited to team up and support Amy Sport.  The look great, feel great, play great philosophy is real, and it is so positive.  I’d like to inspire women and make golf a game that is so much brighter than black and white.  

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