6 women’s golf gifts for the modern woman golfer

6 women’s golf gifts for the modern woman golfer by Gia Liwski at Golf.com

Stylish and cool golf clothes are out there ladies, and I’m excited to give you a quick peek at a few pieces I think are dynamite, and might get you headed in the right fashion direction to keep you feeling fabulous and confident on the golf course. 

Now, you don’t have to necessarily wear specific ‘golf clothes,’ and so many golf courses these days have a more lenient policy in regards to what women can wear. If you are not sure about the club’s policy, give the pro shop a call and simply ask. The club is used to answering these questions, and it can make it more comfortable for everyone involved if you know the clothing policy ahead of time. But, my rule of thumb is if you don’t wear a collar, be sure to keep the shirt conservative. No holes, no big, crazy writing all over it. I do love a good breathable tee shirt at the course, scoop neck, three quarter-sleeved, boat neck, and cap sleeves are favorites, and I usually pair them with a flattering skort — a nice length — and I always do a posture check to make sure the skort is not too short.

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